LazrTek Revolutionizes The Mobile Washing Industry with a Game-Changing and Proven Business Model

LazrTek revolutionizes the mobile washing industry

LazrTek, a new leader in the Mobile Truck & RV Wash Business, provides a fleet-size truck wash licensing opportunity to those looking to start a business.

LazrTek is out to become a game-changer in the mobile washing industry as it leads the charge in providing those looking to start a successful business with a proven Mobile Truck & RV Wash business model. 

“The trucking industry is dubbed as a hidden giant. Over 80% of the commercial transportation industry is trucking. In fact, roughly 15.5 million trucks are operating in the US. That’s where LazrTek comes into the picture. It provides an impressive truck wash licensing opportunity to those looking to start a business,” says the company’s co-founder and CEO, Bo Lockard. 

LazrTek is a well-known business opportunity servicing the $700 billion trucking industry with a national footprint. It provides essential services to the Independent Truck Owner Operator and small truck fleet operators across the United States. 

Mr. Lockard says people don’t need an enormous personal net growth to get into LazrTek’s mobile wash licensing opportunity. With a low cost of entry and a strong finance program, most people can afford this opportunity. 

On-site System | Truck Wash Franchise Opportunity | Lazrtek

“We save our customers a lot of money over having full-time employees to do it in-house or taking it to a wash bay,” adds Mr. Lockard. Lazrtek’s state-of-the-art mobile automated hand wash units go to customer sites, eliminating the need to take vehicles elsewhere or run them through facilities while on the road and wasting valuable and costly time. 

LazrTek Revolutionizes The Mobile Washing Industry.

With the latest technologies, LazrTek licensees bring speed, excellent price, and convenience to Truckers and Fleet operators.  

“This provides a steady income stream, rather than the boom-bust cycle that is often experienced by truck imaging businesses that rely solely or heavily on income derived from equipment sales,” Mr. Lockard explains. LazrTek agility comes from being a digital-native brand that was born during the latest technological revolution. It showcases a license model that is run democratically, with licensees involved in key decisions and regularly consulted on operational matters. 

Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise

Chad Erie, a LazrTek Master Affiliate, said he came across LazrTek by word of mouth. He was just checking out the website and started doing research on how large vehicles and equipment were washed currently and was amazed at how far behind the industry is. 

“After more research and seeing the speed and power of new technologies coupled with new chemicals, I was amazed at how thorough and how efficient the LazrTek way could wash almost anything. This led to talks with the developers of LazrTek, and I became the first licensee in the US. I love being my own boss, and the market is limitless,” Chad said.

Qualifying LazrTek Master Affiliates are awarded an exclusive license agreement for a specified exclusive territory described by MSA to utilize propriety LazrTek equipment. They are provided the LazrTek proprietary business model, LazrTek proprietary operational procedures, and LazrTek proprietary marketing strategies & techniques. 

Those interested can learn the business and everything they need to open their own mobile truck wash business in their area by visiting the website. 

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