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Last updated: Jun 10, 2022

LazrTek’s Wastewater Recovery System

LAZRTEK – Innovation for Better Cleaning Solutions

Lazrtek Environmental Responsibility

LAZRTEK takes the environmental impact of what we do very seriously. Since its inception, LAZRTEK has been an innovator in the large vehicle cleaning industry. LAZRTEK created a unique water retention system utilizing customized pumps and barriers to isolate and collect water runoff during truck washing projects. Water is isolated, collected and re-used in fixed washes or hauled off mobile wash sites for proper elimination in keeping with all advisories from environmental regulatory authorities.

LAZRTEK continues to test, develop, and improve every aspect of our wash systems and water reclamation. Our proprietary chemicals and detergents were developed exclusively for us by chemists at MIT:

  • Surface tension reducing chemicals
  • Biodegradable degreasers & detergents;
  • Water softening systems
  • Water isolation and retention systems;
  • Wash water filtration and reclamation processes
  • State of the Art oil/water separators

Over 10 Million Gallons of Wastewater Processed and Eliminated last year

  • LIABILITY INSURANCE – $5,000,000 
  • POLLUTION INSURANCE – $1,000,000 


LazrTek’s Proprietary Water Recovery Systems

Lazrtek Environmental Responsibility

Our innovation, ingenuity, and dedication to sustainable cleaning have led to the creation of our award winning, state-of-the-art wastewater recovery systems Every LazrTek job and every LazrTek installation utilizes this our proprietary wastewater reclamation process:

  1. Reclaim
  2. Treat
  3. Test 
  4. Re-use

Every LAZRTEK team member is trained to perform our water reclamation proces using the same exacting standards to ensure effective wash water elimination without contamination. Many wash companies contract out to third parties to do their work. LAZRTEK is different, we do all our own work in water reclamation.

LAZRTEK guarantees that our services are to your satisfaction and wastewater is handled appropriately in compliance with your Local, State, and Federal regulations – saving you the hassle, worry, and cost of this liability.

  • LAZRTEK maintains $5 Million Liability Insurance.
  • AND LAZRTEK holds a $1 Million Pollution Insurance policy.
  • LAZRTEK holds licenses and permits from over 30 cities in states around the country and is certified by your State and Local Environmental Agencies.
  • LAZRTEK utilizes all biodegradable cleaning agents, surface tension reducers and degreasers in their cleaning processe.
  • All wastewater reclaimed and re-used or transported off-site – LAZRTEK uses self-contained wash units that carry their own water and power supply for mobile applications.
  • Wastewater is properly treated by LAZRTEK Operation Management stations before being released to town or city sanitary sewer systems.
  • LAZRTEK processed and properly eliminated over 10 Million Gallons of Wastewater last year alone!

Why is a Sustainable Vehicle Washing Important?

Lazrtek Environmental Responsibility

Companies are under increased pressure from State, Federal, and Local authorities to comply with regulations concerning sustainable cleaning and washing. Regulations have been put in place to prevent or limit contaminants from entering drains and water systems. Wastewater is an even larger concern when dealing with parking lots, loading docks, and transportation vehicles where oil, grim and corrosive materials can be found in effluent wastewater. In these cases, runoff can affect the surrounding environment and its ecosystem.

Proud to be GREEN

Each day LAZRTEK wash systems are operating or our mobile units are deployed servicing companies – large and small – from coast to coast. Every job is completed by LAZRTEK field people – every wash according to the sustainable procedures LAZRTEK has standardized around the country.

Last year alone LAZRTEK completed over 1 million truck washes.

LAZRTEK Elimination – uses filters, settling tanks, and chemical treatment combined with a sanitary drain discharge to properly treat water for elimination accordance with State, Local and Federal regulations.

U.S. Green Chamber logo

LAZRTEK is a proud member of the U.S. Green Chamber

We are proud to be a member of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, an organization for businesses and community organizations that emphasize green and sustainable business practices.

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