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LAZRTEK is an independent and impartial business entity that is not tied to any one truck wash equipment manufacturer, chemical provider or support supplier.

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With over 35 years combined expertise, our knowledgeable staff can assist you to make the right decisions for your truck wash business the first time, to avoid costly mistakes. There are many different manufacturers, wholesalers and car wash companies supplying everything from automatics and tunnels to chemicals and vacuum cleaners, which will be vying to earn your business when building a new Truck wash or remodeling your existing location.  Do you know the difference?  WE DO and WE are happy to help you!

We serve several business models, for all investors wishing to enter into the Truck washing business.  The type of facility is generally based upon the financial strength of the investor, demographics and area competition.

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Financing Options

Interest Free Financing

LAZRTEK will finance your wash equipment package and installation for 11 months interest free requiring 11 equal monthly installment payments.

Direct Financing

LAZRTEK provides financing for its touchless drive through wash systems. With proper financial disclosure, LAZRTEK will finance your equipment for 12 to 84 months at competitive interest rates up to $1mm.

We provide quick a quick financing disclosure application and quick approval process. Our approvals are good for 45 days. Choose your equipment with one of our wash specialists and apply for your financing.

Wash Equipment Leasing

LAZRTEK offers a comprehensive, full-service equipment leasing program including parts, labor, installation, detergents, chemicals, customer app, full account analysis, all in one flat rate monthly rental rate or per vehicle wash rate.

Call us to learn more about our Leasing programs that are very popular with our customers.

Partner Program

LAZRTEK, with site and business plan approval, will contribute wash equipment to your commercial wash business for equity in the business. Our formula is equipment and installation cost as the numerator divided by total development expense as the denominator.

By way of example, if the total wash development cost with land, concrete, building, equipment, etc. is $1.5mm and the LAZRTEK equipment and installation is $250k, then $250k/$1.5mm=16.67% equity ownership for LAZRTEK.

Fleet Wash Financing

LAZRTEK will install your chosen touchless wash system for free and charge you a negotiated cost per wash for a term contract. No maintenance fees, chemical costs or labor charges for service, just the per wash cost.

LAZRTEK bears all costs and you pay by the wash with a guaranteed monthly wash number equal to the size of your fleet and frequency of your wash policy.

School Bus & Transit Wash Finance Program

LAZRTEK is a School District fleet wash specialist with operations around the United States. The largest School Bus washer in Tennessee, LAZRTEK creates financing and/or leasing programs specially designed for ISDs and Municipalities to fit the unique capital structures required by government.

Call us to learn more about our unique specialty finance solutions for public transit and School Bus fleet wash systems.

Call LAZRTEK for more about financing your wash equipment, installation, detergents, chemicals, etc. (469) 536-8478 or email [email protected]

LazrTek Business Essentials

Proprietary Business Modeling & Digital Marketing Strategy for Truckwashes

Start a Successful Truck Wash with LazrTek Essentials

LazrTek believes truck washing is a serious business, requiring serious planning and preparation. LazrTek creates an individual business model for each new truck wash it develops with its customers. Unlike standard equipment manufacturers who just sell equipment, LazrTek develops a comprehensive business solution utilizing sophisticated market research and market analysis to create a winning formula that includes the proper solution to the problem and a unique value proposition and unfair advantage that ensures your success and profitability.

The business model canvas above is customarily our starting point for designing a comprehensive business model and associated digital go-to-market strategy to gain new ideal customers at an accelerated pace. Lazrtek’s success rate in launching new truck washes is phenomenal. LazrTek’s strategy begins developing your new customers when you are still in the planning phase and before construction starts.

The tactics of the strategy increase in intensity as the grand opening of the new truck wash near. On grand opening day, your truck wash will be ranking on page 1 of Google searches for all things truck wash in your location’s 100-mile radius. Lines of vehicles and trailers will be waiting to be one of your 1st customers to wash.

In developing your business model and your digital go-to-market plan, LazrTek will uncover your ideal customer and the services they will want, and how often. Your customers will be downloading your proprietary logo truck wash app to their phones and earning loyalty points right away. Your digital marketing, utilizing your website and corresponding app as the cornerstone, will become viral as Drivers begin to share their experience of washing with you with other drivers. Your wash will immediately begin ranking on Google and also Truck Wash

Truckers seek wash services via the internet and via smartphone apps. Your LazrTek-generated state-of-the-art website will capture the independent owner-operator and the fleet operator in your region with superior UX and valuable content to assist them in their daily operations. Our proprietary omnichannel marketing systems will blanket your region with your brand to ensure you become competitive with Blue Beacon or any other local wash competitor.

The proprietary app with your logo and branding will set you apart from all wash competition. You will immediately have inbound telephone calls and website emails attempting to learn more about you to become paying customers.

The testimonial below from one of LazrTek’s customers is powerful!

LazrTek Partner

"I came across LazrTek by word of mouth. I was just checking out the website and started doing research on how large vehicles and equipment were washed currently and was amazed at how far behind the industry is.

After more research and seeing the speed and power of new technologies coupled with new chemicals, I was amazed at how thorough and how efficient the LazrTek way could wash almost anything. This led to talks with the developers of LazrTek and I became the first licensee in the US.

I opened my business and used LazrTek's proprietary digital strategy. LazrTek had me on page 1 of every Google search imaginable. I started getting calls from ideal customers immediately.

Their digital go-to-market plan is really working and I could not be more pleased with my website traffic and the inbound customer conversions I am receiving. LazrTek is the best at digital marketing of truck wash businesses and they are helping me make money. They are fast, responsive and know their business. I couldn’t give them a stronger positive recommendation.

If you want to open your truck wash with customers waiting for your service, hire LazrTek's marketing department to launch your truck wash. They are effective, affordable, and provide excellent service. I give them five stars and more. Thank you LazrTek!"

Successful Truck Wash Business Is Within Your Reach

If you desire assistance with site selection and feasibility analysis to ensure you do not make any mistakes, LazrTek can also conduct your feasibility and proof of concept study. LazrTek conducts feasibility studies for lenders and financial institutions that loan money to truck wash developers as well as for developers.

Please read our article and corresponding case study: Why You Should Obtain an In-Depth Professional Feasibility Study Before Building a Commercial Truck Wash. It’s packed with valuable information that is essential in building the truck wash business model to ensure your success and profitability by learning who your ideal customer is and what they want at what price and whether that price is profitable for your services.

The business model is invaluable at establishing your truck wash’s unique value proposition and creating your unfair advantage that makes your wash unique and ultimately preferred to your competition.

The proprietary LazrTek digital-go-to-market strategy is typically a lengthy document that establishes the market, the ideal customer and how and when to best reach those ideal customers. It also uncovers the top fleet operators needing your services and the services to offer at the optimum profitable price. It will be your marketing plan for the next 10 years. It also utilizes LazrTek proprietary marketing solutions that are tailored to attract your ideal customers and local regional fleet operators.

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Armed with the proprietary LazrTek digital marketing solutions and your digital-go-to-market plan you are ensured to open your truck wash strong with a substantial volume of customers and reach overall business sustainability rapidly.

Contact LazrTek marketing department to talk directly to our feasibity consultants, business model generation professionals and digital marketing experts.

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