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Revolutionize Your Fleet's Cleanliness with LazrTek Large Vehicle Wash Systems

LAZRTEK ’s wash systems are state-of-the-art systems with new chemical formulas specifically designed to deliver express washes to Tractors, Trailers, Undercarriages, Buses, RVs, Heavy Equipment, Box Vans, Military, Aircraft, and Trains.

Labor costs are greatly reduced, as well as water and chemical costs. Drivers can order their chosen service and pay in advance via our new truck wash app.

The combination of speed washing (not more than 6 mins.), speed ordering, and payment coupled with a really clean truck result; will deliver what drivers and fleet operators are seeking.

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LazrTek Large Vehicle Solutions

Leading Manufacturer Of Superior Vehicle Wash Systems In America

By choosing LazrTek as your wash partner you will have the peace of mind in knowing you chose the very best and most advanced vehicle wash system no matter what the application is.

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Advanced Large Vehicle Wash Systems

If have a specific wash type you are looking for LazrTek makes it!


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