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Why Should You Invest
in Truck Wash Business?

Superior Business Model

Truck Drivers today want 3 things: Speed, Good Price, Convenience.

LAZRTEK ’s touchless drive through wash systems are state-of-the-art systems with new chemical formulas especially designed to deliver express washes to Tractors, Trailers, undercarriages, Buses, RVs, Heavy Equipment, Box Vans, and all size trucks and delivery vehicles as well as interior trailer clean outs, all automatically.

Labor costs are greatly reduced, water and chemical costs are reduced by 2/3rds. Drivers can order their chosen service and pay in advance via our new truck wash app.

The combination of speed washing (not more than 6 mins.), speed ordering and payment coupled with a really clean truck result delivers what drivers and fleet operators are seeking.

High Profit Margins

With express-speed washing systems, Truck Wash Operators enjoy the ability to wash more vehicles per day with 1/3 the water cost and 1/3 the soap and chemical costs. Only 1 attendant is required to operate the touchless washes reducing labor by as much as 80%. The IOS and Android App-based wash service ordering and payment system keeps drivers in their vehicles and reduces operator labor cost. Drivers order in advance so operators know what wash volume is coming over the next few hours and can properly prepare for traffic management.

A LAZRTEK touchless wash system increases Operator profitability by adding 67% efficiency to the operation. If you are a fleet washer, LAZRTEK touchless wash systems likewise add 67% efficiency in a combination of water conservation, soap and chemical use reduction, zero labor and automatic efficiencies so drivers never leave the vehicle making LAZRTEK wash systems ideal for Transit Systems, School Bus operators and RV operators.

Low Competition

The main competitors in the truck wash business deliver their services by hand utilizing 2-step wand power washing.

Average time required to get a truck and trailer washed today at the competition is over 2 hours making the actual cost of a truck wash when considering wash cost, lost utility, driver time, insurance and idle time fuel cost, is over $200.00 per wash.

Recession Resistant

The Trucking industry, Logistics Industry, Delivery Service Industry, Transit industry, School Bus industry, RV industry have all grown significantly due to the explosion of Ecommerce, local distribution centers, last mile delivery services and effects of the pandemic.

With vehicle numbers climbing exponentially, there is more traffic on the highways and local that is seeking washing services. Governmental agencies are regulating greater vehicle cleanliness which is increasing the absolute necessity of vehicle cleanliness, both outside and inside.

Recession economics will not significantly impact commercial vehicle traffic and may actually further increase home deliveries and RV vacation travel.

How to start a
Truck Wash

Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise

Is it a good idea?

Business Insider calls the trucking industry a hidden giant. Over 80% of the commercial transportation industry is trucking. Additionally, there are roughly 15.5 million trucks operating in the US. Thus, opening a truck wash guarantees numerous clients.

A business plan

A business plan is essential to the success of a truck wash company. This allows you to plan ahead for issues that might arise, as well as, help you develop a goal for growth. When seeking additional funding, applying for business credit, or attracting top-level employees this can play a major role.

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LazrTek Partner

"I came across LazrTek by word of mouth. I was just checking out the website and started doing research on how large vehicles and equipment were washed currently and was amazed at how far behind the industry is.

After more research and seeing the speed and power of new technologies coupled with new chemicals, I was amazed at how thorough and how efficient the LazrTek way could wash almost anything. This led to talks with the developers of LazrTek and I became the first licensee in the US.

I opened my business and used LazrTek's proprietary digital strategy. LazrTek had me on page 1 of every Google search imaginable. I started getting calls from ideal customers immediately.

Their digital go-to-market plan is really working and I could not be more pleased with my website traffic and the inbound customer conversions I am receiving. LazrTek is the best at digital marketing of truck wash businesses and they are helping me make money. They are fast, responsive and know their business. I couldn’t give them a stronger positive recommendation.

If you want to open your truck wash with customers waiting for your service, hire LazrTek's marketing department to launch your truck wash. They are effective, affordable, and provide excellent service. I give them five stars and more. Thank you LazrTek!"
Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise

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