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How to start a
Truck Wash

Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise

Is it a good idea?

Business Insider calls the trucking industry a hidden giant. Over 80% of the commercial transportation industry is trucking. Additionally, there are roughly 15.5 million trucks operating in the US. Thus, opening a truck wash guarantees numerous clients.

A business plan

A business plan is essential to the success of a truck wash company. This allows you to plan ahead for issues that might arise, as well as, help you develop a goal for growth. When seeking additional funding, applying for business credit, or attracting top-level employees this can play a major role.

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Why Lazrtek?

Truck Wash Licensing Opportunity

Affordable Business

You don’t need an enormous personal net worth to get into our truck wash licensing opportunity. With low cost of entry and a strong finance program, most people can afford this opportunity. Learn more.

Low Competition

Most competitors in truck wash field are small. Plus, independently owned businesses can’t match LAZRTEK when it comes to infrastructure and technology. Being part of a national brand affords many advantages for licensee.

High Profit Margins

Since this is a home-based business, your overhead as a licensee is very low compared to other opportunity offerings. Higher profit margins mean you can reinvest earnings back into your business and expand your operation over time while increasing your bottom line.

Recession Resistant

Whether they offer take-out only or dine-in services, all restaurants need our services to stay in operation. There are over 1.4 million vehicles in the top 300 companies in America that need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Industry Experience

LAZRTEK leadership team has over 35 years of experience in this industry and we know what it takes for a new truck wash business to get off to a strong start. We back our licensee every step of the way.

Top Support Systems

LAZRTEK support systems give licensees a huge advantage over competitors in their marketplace. We set our licensees up for growth from day one with our Sales Kick-Start Program, billing support, and Cash Flow Program.

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LazrTek Washing Machine Advantages

Fleet-Size Truck Wash

LAZRTEK and its partners are a manufacturer of automatic Large Vehicle Wash Systems

New Technology

Introducing Hypersonic Speed with Lazer Accuracy Truck Wash System

Great Performance

Soap, wash and rinse a 53' trailer in 6-8 minutes and up to 30 vehicles on a single charge

Stainless Steel Built

Stainless steel frames, adjustable height, and stable wheels

Eco​ Friendly

Soap is pulverized on the vehicle evenly, minimizing waste

Professional Grade

Our machine is trusted by transportation firms nationwide

Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise

LazrTek Master Affiliate

"I came across LazrTek by word of mouth. I was just checking out the website and started doing research on how large vehicles and equipment were washed currently and was amazed at how far behind the industry is.

After more research and seeing the speed and power of new technologies coupled with new chemicals, I was amazed at how thorough and how efficient the LazrTek way could wash almost anything. This led to talks with the developers of LazrTek and I became the first licensee in the US.

I love being my own boss and the market is limitless."

Wash System & Equipment

Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise
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On-Site System

Washing machines for cars, vans, limos, buses, RV’s, coaches, trucks, trailers & tankers & solar panel arrays.

  • One man can soap, wash and rinse a 53 ‘ trailer in 6-8 minutes
  • Soap is pulverized on the vehicle evenly, minimizing waste
  • Offered with electric, diesel, and battery power,
  • Battery-powered models can wash up to 30 vehicles on a single charge
  • Stainless steel frames, brush-only inclination system with all wheels stable on the ground

Rail Stock System

Washing machines for light rail, bullet trains and railcars.

  • Designed exclusively for the extreme service requirements in railway yards
  • Controlled optimal brush contact pressure to car surface being washed
  • Height adjustable brush mast able to wash from track or platform level
  • Optional water reclaim available
  • Comfort and well-placed controls, motivating operators to perform their best work using minimal effort
Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise
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Lazrtek | The Ultimate Truck Wash Franchise
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Solar PV/Thermal System

Washing machines for ground mount solar PV photovoltaic panels, carports, roof mount solar, ballasted solar and heliostats.

  • Wash speed of up to 80 ft (25 meters) per minute
  • 4 brush sizes from 6 ft to 13 ft 8 in (180 to 420 cm)
  • One operator can wash effortlessly 2MW of solar panels per 8-hour shift
  • Latest generation ultrasonic sensors for automatic brush proximity control
  • Seat and joystick controls rotate 180 degrees so the operator can work always ‘going forward’
  • Extremely low water consumption

Let's compare
On Performance


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7 mins vs. 30 mins

Get the job done FASTER & make more PROFIT with LAZRTEK.

Lazrtek Master Affiliate
Exclusive Territory Licensing Opportunity

Qualifying LAZRTEK Master Affiliates are awarded:

  • An exclusive license agreement for a specified exclusive territory described by MSA to utilize proprietary LAZRTEK equipment
  • LAZRTEK proprietary business model
  • LAZRTEK proprietary operational procedures
  • LAZRTEK proprietary marketing strategies & techniques

Download Business Plan Template

Steps to LAZRTEK Ownership

Step #1
Local Meeting
Step #1
Step #2
Complete Personal Profile
Step #2
Step #3
Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Step #3
Step #4
Discovery Day
Step #4
Step #5
Refundable Deposit
Step #5
Step #6
Financial Approval
Step #6
Step #7
Market Survey & Site Selection
Step #7
Step #8
License Agreement Approval
Step #8
Step #9
Sign License Agreement
Step #9

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