What is an Amazon DSP?

amazon dsp

An Amazon DSP (Delivery Service Partner) refers to a program offered by Amazon that allows entrepreneurs to operate their own independent delivery businesses. The DSP program enables individuals or companies to deliver Amazon packages on behalf of the e-commerce giant. As an Amazon DSP, a qualified applicant becomes a local delivery provider for Amazon, responsible for managing a fleet of delivery vehicles and a team of drivers to fulfill Amazon’s last-mile deliveries. The program offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their own delivery business while leveraging the resources, technology, and support provided by Amazon.

Here are some key aspects of the Amazon DSP program:

  1. Package delivery: Amazon DSPs are responsible for delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps, typically within a specified delivery area. This includes picking up packages from Amazon delivery stations or fulfillment centers and ensuring timely and efficient delivery to customers.
  2. Independent business ownership: Amazon DSPs operate as independent businesses, providing their own vehicles, uniforms, and hiring and managing their own delivery staff. They have control over the day-to-day operations and management of their delivery operations.
  3. Support from Amazon: Although DSPs are independent businesses, Amazon provides support and resources to help them get started and succeed. This includes training programs, access to Amazon’s delivery technology, ongoing support, and operational guidelines to ensure compliance with Amazon’s standards and customer expectations.
  4. Technology and tools: Amazon DSPs utilize technology provided by Amazon to manage and track deliveries. This includes routing and navigation software, handheld devices or smartphones for scanning packages, and accessing delivery information and customer details.
  5. Growth opportunities: The Amazon DSP program offers entrepreneurs the potential for business growth and expansion. As an Amazon partner, DSPs have the opportunity to increase their delivery capacity, take on additional delivery routes, and potentially scale their operations by hiring more drivers and adding more delivery vehicles.

It’s worth noting that the specific requirements, eligibility criteria, and terms of the Amazon DSP program may vary by region. If you are interested in becoming an Amazon DSP, it is recommended to visit the official Amazon DSP website or reach out to Amazon directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

How does an Amazon DSP keep their delivery truck fleet clean?

Amazon last mile delivery vehicles are an odd-size to wash. There are 30,000 Amazon-branded delivery vehicles in the USA with 100,000 Rivian electric vehicles currently on order. Only 3,000 Amazon Rivian delivery vans are currently operating. Amazon also has 20,000 branded trailers. The majority of these amazon approved vehicles are too big for standard car wash and too small for an automatic truck wash sized for 53’ 18-wheelers. When contacted by a representative of Amazon DSPs in the USA, LazrTek quickly embarked to create the ideal wash solution for Amazon DSP’s to quickly, efficiently and economically clean their delivery vehicles.

LazrTek custom designed a wash system that is ideal to wash the typical Amazon truck while offering the flexibility to clean other vehicles of various sizes without changing or altering wash equipment while providing superior cleanliness with speed, convenience, affordability, reliability and quality. LazrTek learned that most Amazon DSP’s were predominantly handwashing their fleets or hiring power washers to wash their delivery vans at the home overnight location. Many horror stories of environmental fines, municipal citations, exorbitant wash costs and poor-quality cleaning arose from the investigation of DSP’s across the USA. Lazrtek found that average cost of a Amazon van wash was $100.00 per truck in the USA when considering a hand wash in Santa Fe, NM was as much as $441.00, New York $155.00 Seattle $265.00 and Chicago $88.00. General consensus among DSP’s was poor service, high price and vehicles were not very clean after wash. Lazrtek, utilizing its years of fleet washing experience for large corporations running massive fleets like WalMart, FedEx, Kroger, US Foods, Tyson Foods, Nashville ISD and others, determined that wash flexibility of vehicle size and shape, speed of wash (under 6 mins./wash), convenience of operation and quality of cleanliness, low price and reliability of operation were all of paramount importance to Amazon DSPs.

Accordingly, Lazrtek custom designed a wash system for Amazon DSPs that computer analyzes and profiles the vehicle to be washed, using 3-D electric eyes creating a computerized 3-D profile image of the vehicle and then adjusts the wash unit’s oscillating spray nozzles to wash at the optimum distance from the varied vehicle surface for maximum wash efficiency and quality of clean. The fully automated system, after 3-D profiling the vehicle, then applies a pre-soak cycle that utilizes non-toxic fully biodegradable chemicals to loosen the surface tension of dirt, road grime and stuck on debris (such as bugs, etc.) so it can be cleaned off with detergent containing foaming surfactant and then pressure washed with oscillating nozzles emulating passes of a power wash wand at 1000-1500 PSI to remove all dirt and grime and result in a super clean truck ready for service in under 6 minutes of wash duration. Utilizing low volume capacity, high pressure pumps, the proposed Amazon DSP wash system utilizes low water volumes of not more than 70 gallons per minute of wash duration.

The automatic 3-D gantry wash system does not require labor to operate. The 3-D profiling automatic wash is conveniently started by the vehicle driver by pole mounted button from the window of the truck. Wheel bumpers are placed in the wash ensuring the delivery truck stays on the right path and lights indicate when the vehicle should be stopped and placed in park for washing. The system is fully computerized and can track vehicles washed by serial # or vehicle # or by driver. The computer also monitors chemical, detergent and water consumption real time.

The Lazrtek Amazon DSP computerized 3-D Gantry vehicle profiling wash solution is the perfect solution for Amazon DSPs to quickly, conveniently, efficiently, economically and with quality to keep their fleets clean providing the imaging they desire and Amazon prefers.

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