Everything You Need To Grow Your LazrTek Mobile Fleet Wash Business

Grow Your LazrTek Mobile Fleet Wash

Everything you need is here. To grow your LazrTek mobile fleet wash business, you are required to participate in a comprehensive three-week training program including:

  • Week 1 – Administrative and business model training at LazrTek Headquarters: You’ll be immersed in our corporate culture, learning our proprietary software, how to find leads & close sales, people management policies and our unique washing processes.
  • Week 2 – Operations training at your site: Our operations trainer joins you in the field as you launch your business to help with hiring, training, familiarizing you with the equipment and the realities of your day-to-day as a business owner.
  • Week 3 – Follow-up training at your site: A few weeks after you get started, our operations manager returns to your site to resolve any remaining questions you have about running and growing your business and to train you and your team on equipment maintenance.
  • Post-launch – Ongoing virtual training: We offer a large library of regularly updated training videos and materials. We also issue a regular newsletter with updates and links to new materials to keep you and your team up-to-date with our best practices.
Grow Your LazrTek Mobile Fleet Wash

We’ve developed proprietary software that runs the business for you. It tracks your prospects, sends quotes, reminds you to follow up with leads, schedules your jobs, keeps a wash log, and sends invoices. We want you to focus on running and growing your business, so we do our best to simplify everything else.

One of the best parts of investing in a franchise is having the backing of a national brand and expert marketers to help you promote your business. In addition to our corporate website, each location has its own web page, written with SEO best practices to get you to the top of the search engine results for your territory.

We invest heavily in pay-per-click advertising to make sure that your business appears the moment someone is looking for our service. We also provide you with advertising materials for your local market. At the corporate level, we advertise in trade publications and participate in trade shows, and embrace social media, harnessing as many avenues as necessary to increase brand visibility and help you develop your businesses.

Grow Your LazrTek Mobile Fleet Wash

Our friendly, centralized sales team works daily to generate and close leads for your business. We launched this service in the second quarter of 2016, at no additional cost to our franchise owners. In 2017, our sales team closed nearly 400 sales for our owners!

Accounting & Invoicing:

Our proprietary software automatically generates weekly invoices, ensuring your customers are being billed on a timely basis, so you can receive payment as fast as possible. We even take care of collections. It’s just one more thing we do for you so that you can focus on business. With support like this, what are you waiting for? Your new franchise is waiting!

Taking Customer Payments:

Our proprietary app for LazrTek customers allows complete operation of the wash process between truck driver and your business. Appointments, services ordering, payment, loyalty rewards, referral system, etc. All via our proprietary app so your business is always at the touch of a button on your customer’s smartphone. App is available via Apple store.

Grow Your LazrTek Mobile Fleet Wash

Why Lazrtek Mobile Fleet Wash

1. Not Your Ordinary Desk Job

Lose the desk and leave the 9-to-5 routine behind by owning a business you can run from just about anywhere! When you own a LazrTek franchise, you can escape long boring days behind a desk making money for somebody else. While you may wish to have an office that is separate from your house you can easily run this business from home; keeping overhead low and profits high.

2. Excellent Recurring Revenues

Another benefit of owning a LazrTek operation is that weekly, biweekly and monthly services guarantee ongoing revenue. Adding more customers will allow you to grow rapidly, allowing you to realize a rapid cash-on-cash return.

3. Niche Market With Low Competition

With little competition, and none with the standard of excellence that LazrTek has bench-marked, it is easy to find excellent customers who are willing to pay top dollar for our reliable, high-quality services.

4. High Demand & Recession Resistant

There is a saying in the industry, “If you bought it, a truck brought it.” The fact is, cross-country truck delivery is not going anywhere. In fact, there are 3.5 million trucks on the road. AND, there are FDA regulations for cleanliness that these trucks must adhere to. This makes owning a fleet cleaning service a recession-resistant enterprise.

5. Nationally Recognized Brand

LazrTek is one of the most recognized names in the industry. People like to work with people they know, and LazrTek is the brand that businesses trust, and for good reason.

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