Trucking in 2022: What the New Normal Will Change

Trucking in 2022 - LazrTek

Trucking in 2022 has a fresh opportunity to grow and evolve. In recent years, the trucking industry has expanded and reached previously unheard-of levels of demand. Trucking firms and independent owner-operator truckers have long been tasked with transporting goods from one point to another in a safe and effective manner. For decades, these dependable and hardworking individuals have served as the backbone of American commerce. There are no indications that it will slow down anytime soon.

Despite the fact that the industry is a vital part of our economy, a number of variables are beginning to influence its performance. We may witness a transformation in the way this business operates as a result of persistent driver shortages and the rise of self-driving trucks.

In early 2022, it’s safe to assume that a few developments had an impact on the trucking business for months. While trucking services enjoyed unprecedented demand in 2021, unanticipated difficulties such as increased operating expenses and offset revenue gains had some negative consequences. There are four factors that may have an impact on trucking in 2022.

4 Factors for Trucking in 2022

1. Fuel Prices

Of course, as any operator knows, fuel expenditures have long been a significant portion of a trucking company’s overall operating expenses. We all know that without a consistent supply of diesel fuel, our flatbed trucks can’t get from point A to point B.

Furthermore, the gasoline business is subject to market price swings dictated by supply and demand. In addition, within the following eleven months, a collective push toward alternative fuels may have an impact on the sector.

Trucking in 2022 - LazrTek

2. An Increase in Freight Volume

The need for transportation services isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, according to industry insiders. In fact, we’re more than likely to see the polar opposite. According to the American Trucking Association’s Freight Forecast for 2022, national trucking freight volume is expected to increase by 24%. As a result, there will be a 67 percent rise in total revenue.

Of course, the corporations in charge of managing these shipments will benefit directly as a result of this. This coming year could be one of the most prosperous in the history of the trucking industry!

3. Bankruptcy & Mergers

Regrettably, not every trucking company had extraordinary growth in 2021. Due to inadequate management and operational administration, a considerable number of these businesses went out of business. The good news is that the thriving businesses now have openings for the drivers and back-office support staff who were laid off when the previous businesses failed.

Furthermore, these mergers and acquisitions are introducing new efficiencies and removing inefficiencies across the business. It also streamlines technology deployment in many areas and enables for more efficient routing, among other benefits.

4. Increasing Technology Responsibility

Paper logs have already been phased away, new tracking and routing capabilities have been implemented, and numerous additional safety and maintenance features have been added as a result of quickly evolving technology. However, those developments are going to accelerate, and “smarter” solutions in vehicles and how they operate will become the norm.

The importance of data analytics software in tracking and managing shipping will grow. Customers’ desire for thorough order tracking is likely to elicit a response from businesses.

Conclusion for Trucking in 2022

Whatever the industry brings in 2022, we at LazrTek are more than ready to keep our promises to our consumers. We understand shifting market trends and the need to react to changing client expectations as the United States leading provider of touchless drive thru truck, bus, transit and RV wash systems. Furthermore, we continually incorporate the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology into our cars to assure the safety of your cargo at all times.

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