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Everything You Need to Know to Start-a Truck Wash Business | LAZRTEK

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LAZRTEK Truck Wash is rolling out a development initiative with the aim of growing the brand by hundreds of locations in the coming years. We’re actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs with a passion for trucks and cleanliness to bring the LAZRTEK franchise to new territories. Here are a few perks of the biz:



Submit your information and download the free LAZRTEK Guide, which will give you an industry overview, insights, and steps to start a truck wash business. A member of our franchising staff will call you. The first call usually lasts just a few minutes and gives us a chance to introduce ourselves to one another and address initial questions.

Everything You Need to Know to Start-a Truck Wash Business | LAZRTEK
Once we determine that you’re financially qualified and we’re a good fit for each other, you’ll sign your franchise agreement and we’ll hit the ground running!

We will schedule your weeklong training experience, which will cover everything you need to know about our business, including creating a business plan, managing inventory and supporting your business through savvy marketing.


Next, you’ll secure your location(s).


The final step is celebrating the grand opening of your new business! We can’t wait to help you get there!

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Lazrtek Master Affiliate
Exclusive Territory License

Qualifying LAZRTEK Master Affiliates are awarded:

  • An exclusive license agreement for a specified exclusive territory described by MSA to utilize proprietary LAZRTEK equipment
  • LAZRTEK proprietary business model
  • LAZRTEK proprietary operational procedures
  • LAZRTEK proprietary marketing strategies & techniques

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"New Licensees will have the opportunity to train and learn the exclusive LAZRTEK technology that brings speed, low price, and convenience to independent truck fleets across the USA."
Bo Lockard
President of LAZRTEK

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