8 Best Ways to Convert Hand Wash Bay Partly Automated Wash

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18-Wheel Tractor-Trailer Hand Wash Bays Are Easily Partially Automated Wash Without Compromising the Characteristics of Hand Washing

Truck hand wash bay can be partially automated wash while still retaining the characteristics of hand washing.

The key is to strike a balance between automation and manual labor to ensure that the essential aspects of hand washing, such as attention to detail and thorough cleaning, are not compromised.

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Here are some ways you can partially automate a truck hand wash bay while preserving the hand washing characteristics:

1. Pre-soak and Pre-rinse Systems

Implement automated pre-soak and pre-rinse systems that can apply detergents and water to the truck’s surface before manual washing. This can help loosen dirt and grime, making manual washing more efficient.

2. High-Pressure Wash Systems

Use high-pressure, 2-step pressure wash systems with adjustable nozzles that allow operators to control the pressure and direction of the water spray as well as the chemicals and detergent application. This can help with removing tough stains and debris while adding speed.

3. Automated Brushes or Scrubbers for the Trailer

Consider using automated brushes or scrubbers that can agitate and clean the trailer’s surface while being operated manually by a trained technician. This ensures thorough cleaning without sacrificing the human touch. Most 18-wheel tractor-trailer drivers are most concerned about hand washing at hand wash bays the tractor rather than the trailer. The largest value and investment is in the tractor or truck, while the trailer may belong to someone else or the value may be significantly less than the tractor.

4. Automated Water Recycling Systems

Install water recycling systems to reuse water, reducing water waste. These systems can be automated to maintain water quality, but manual oversight may be necessary.

5. Spot-Free Rinse Systems

Implement automated spot-free rinse systems that use purified water to leave a streak-free finish on the truck’s surface after manual washing.

6. Drying Systems

Use automated drying systems, such as air blowers or dryers, to ensure that the truck’s surface is properly dried after manual washing.

7. Quality Control and Inspection

Have a quality control process in place where a trained technician inspects the truck after the automated and manual washing processes to ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned.

8. Training and Supervision

Ensure that the technicians operating the automated equipment are well-trained and supervised to maintain a similar quality of hand washing at the hand wash bays.

By combining automation with manual labor, you can increase efficiency and consistency in the truck washing process while still preserving the characteristics of hand washing at the hand wash bays, which include attention to detail and the ability to address specific areas that may require special care. The future of tractor-trailer handwashing is devoting the most hand attention to tractor cleaning while adding automation to trailer cleaning.

An excellent automation step for Tractor Trailer hand wash bays to increase speed, and efficiency and reduce labor is the Lazrtek tethered portable vehicle wash system. Ideal for adding to a traditional hand wash bay or replacing an outdated automated wash, the Lazrtek tethered portable wash system is economical, efficient and easy for a wash attendant to learn and operate.

Lazrtek Provides the World’s Most Economical Bus Wash

Lazrtek tethered vehicle brush wash systems are 14 ft. tall and offer reliable, economical, very fast advantages in cleaning 18-wheel tractor trailers, commercial vehicles, Buses, RVs, and variable-size vehicles up to 75’ in specific wash situations with minimal labor. 

The Lazrtek tethered 18-wheel tractor-trailer and bus wash advantages:

1. Flexibility:

Convert Truck Hand Wash Bays Partially Automated | LazrTek 1

Tethered portable units are designed to be portable, allowing you to move flexibility in setting up your wash operations for Buses, sprinter vans, stretch limos, mini-buses, etc. Easily relocate the unit to different locations, different wash bay locations or to wash different size vehicles as needed, very easily. This can be advantageous if you have multiple sites or if you need flexibility to wash at different places at your fleet facility rather than the hand wash bays.

2. Accessibility

Tethered LazrTek wash units can reach areas that may be difficult to access with larger fixed wash systems. This can be particularly beneficial if there is limited wash space or if it becomes necessary to wash variable size vehicles.

3. Water and Power Requirements

LazrTek tethered wash units require a standard water source and power connection, whether from a water line or a tank. Access to these resources at your desired wash locations is necessary.

4. Equipment and Features

The features and capabilities of the LazrTek tethered wash units can vary based on wash conditions and variable size vehicles to be washed to determine if the washing capacity meet your cleaning needs effectively.

5. Efficiency and Productivity

Vehicle throughput and efficiency of LazrTek tethered wash units for Buses and Variable size vehicles ensures 10-15 buses and/or variable size vehicles can be washed per hour. Wash speed requires only 1 wash attendant or operator (or the vehicle driver)  to turn on the wash unit and guide it around the vehicle in a few short minutes to meet desired cleaning productivity goals.

6. Wash Cost & Warranty

Compare the cost of LazrTek tethered wash units to other options, such as fixed wash systems or outsourcing to professional vehicle wash services. LazrTek provides pre-soak chemicals and detergents specially formulated for this equipment and buses, if desired. Equipment Warranty is 2 years parts and labor expandable to 5 years with chemical & detergent contract. LazrTek provides service within 24 hrs.  10-15 bus washes per hour capability.

7. Compliance and Regulations

LazrTek tethered wash units meet local government regulations and environmental requirements related to wastewater disposal, water usage, and other applicable standards. LazrTek tethered wash systems residual water discharge is environmentally friendly, PH neutral, EPA approved and can be discharged to the sanitary sewer.

8. Equipment Construction

Tethered brush washing units are principally constructed from aluminum and therefore last forever and there is absence of corrosion. LazrTek wash units are very light and mobile and simple and easy for the operator to handle in just a few short minutes.

9. Metered soap application

LazrTek tethered wash unit utilizes a soap dispenser metering unit that ensures minimum detergent usage. Soap is mixed 1 part soap to 200 parts water. Biodegradable detergents and only the necessary amount to thoroughly clean the surface of the vehicle being washed. Only 1 ounce of soap per minute of washing.

      • Water consumption:
        ¾ inch water line required. LazrTek wash units use only 2.5 gals of water per minute of washing. Average wash time is 2.5 minutes. (2.5 gals x 2.5 mins. = 6.25 gals. total per wash)

      • Energy consumption:
        A standard 15/20 amp electrical outlet is all that is necessary for power.

      • Space efficiency:
        Tethered wash unit requires less than 10 sq. ft. requiring minimal space adjacent to the bus or vehicle being washed.

      • One-person operation efficiency:
        Only 1 person is required to operate a LazrTek tethered single brush wash unit.

    LazrTek is Fully Insured

    LazrTek tethered portable single brush wash units are a viable option to begin Bus fleet washing or to replace a failed system. Ideal for Buses and variable-size vehicles of all sizes, the economical tethered mobile wash brush is a great option when washing less than 50 vehicles per day. Clean Buses and vehicles means positive image and happy drivers and customers.

    The LazrTek tethered portable truck wash is a game-changer for businesses that rely on transportation. Whether you operate a logistics company, a delivery service, or a trucking fleet, this innovative solution will revolutionize the way you maintain your vehicles.

    Equipped with cutting-edge technology, LazrTek effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and grease, leaving your trucks looking brand new. Plus, the portable design allows you to bring the truck wash directly to your location, eliminating the need for your drivers to deviate from their routes or waste time waiting at a traditional truck wash facility.

    Stay ahead of the competition with LazrTek’s tethered portable truck wash. Save time, maintain a professional image, and boost your business all at once. Don’t let dirty trucks hold you back – join the LazrTek revolution today.

    To get more information on tethered, single brush, vehicle wash units today contact LazrTek at 469-536-8478 or visit our website at https://www.Lazrtek.com.

    Tips for incorporating LazrTek Tethered Portable Truck Wash into Your Business

    To maximize the benefits of LazrTek’s tethered portable truck wash, consider the following tips for incorporating it into your business:

    1. Plan your cleaning schedule: Create a cleaning schedule that aligns with your business operations. Determine how often you need to clean your trucks based on factors such as the type of goods transported, the environment your trucks are exposed to, and your desired level of cleanliness. Adhering to a regular cleaning schedule will ensure that your fleet remains in top condition.

    2. Train your drivers: Provide training to your drivers on how to use LazrTek’s tethered portable truck wash effectively. Familiarize them with the system’s operation, safety precautions, and maintenance requirements. By empowering your drivers with the knowledge and skills to use LazrTek, you can ensure that the cleaning process is carried out efficiently and safely.

    3. Promote your clean fleet: Leverage your clean fleet as a marketing tool. Showcase your well-maintained trucks on your website, social media platforms, and marketing materials. Highlight the fact that you prioritize cleanliness and professionalism, and emphasize how it benefits your customers. This will attract potential clients and set you apart from competitors.

    4. Monitor and evaluate: Continuously monitor the results of using LazrTek’s tethered portable truck wash. Evaluate the impact it has on your business, such as improved customer satisfaction, reduced maintenance costs, and increased productivity. Use this data to make informed decisions and optimize your operations further.

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