Why Traditional Pressure Washing is Inefficient in 2023?

Traditional Pressure Washing for Trucks is Inefficient in 2023 | Lazrtek

Traditional pressure washing for trucks, buses & RVs is diminishing in popularity due to many factors. What’s the best alternative to switch in 2023?

We can see that the traditional power washes are declining in the trends for truck, tractor-trailer, bus, RV, and heavy equipment washing because of labor costs, labor shortages, system inefficiencies, safety risks, and uncontrolled negative environmental impact.

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Traditional Pressure Washing System | Lazrtek

Why Isn’t the Traditional Pressure Washing Good Enough in 2023?

Inadequate Wash Solution

You are losing money if your trucks, trailers, buses, and RVs are waiting to be washed.

Comparing pressure washing to other options for cleaning large vehicles, it takes longer time and more man-power to operate the task. Therefore, it’s so ineffective in 2023. Longer wash cycles require higher labor expenses which resulted in lower business profits.

Not Safe for Employees

Pressure washing put your employees’ health and safety at risk and in danger. Due to exposure to high-risk chemicals, these systems are hazardous to operate and place users at risk for accidents and health problems that may result in workman’s comp and general liability claims against your company.

Injurious to the Environment

Are you being forced to update your pressure wash devices by environmental regulations? Traditional pressure washes lack filtration systems to keep harmful chemicals out of the sanitary sewer, resulting in harmful environmental impacts.

Dangerous chemicals can infiltrate our clean water drain systems through the wash water runoff or wastewater from these systems.

Truck Pressure Washing vs Truck Mobile Wash | Lazrtek

Lazrtek Mobile Wash – An Advanced Truck Wash With a Single-Brush

Since 2021, a modern mobile wash system from LazrTek has been a replacement for traditional pressure washing. LazrTek’s mobile wash provides better cleaning, efficiency, and suitability for 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and truck washing.

This self-propelled machine produces a highly effective wash with a single brush, resulting in super-clean surfaces with incredibly easy and effective operation.

The LazrTek mobile wash unit is powered by either a diesel or gasoline engine or a 24V battery pack and can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. The machine utilizes 35 gals of water per wash and enables a single operator to wash as many as 35 tractor-trailer rigs per day.

High Efficiency, Cost-Savings Solution

For fleet owners seeking to upgrade from manual washing without making a significant financial commitment to bigger and more expensive vehicle wash installations, the LazrTek Mobile Wash unit single wash brush system is a fantastic choice. This self-contained bus, truck, and transit wash device is affordable and efficient without sacrificing cleaning performance.

Higher Efficiency & Productivity

A single attendant driving our single-brush wash machine can fully clean your larger tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles in under 8 minutes. Our effective mobile vehicle wash systems accelerate the time it takes to cleanse your trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, buses, and RVs. In fact, the LazrTek mobile wash unit will save at least 10-15 minutes per trailer wash allowing the single wash attendant to clean more trucks and trailers per day.

Therefore, your fleet can get back on the road more quickly, boosting the fleet’s bottom line.

Environmentally Responsible

LazrTek’s water recycling system will ensure you are in compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

Enhanced Safety

Establish a safer working environment for your employees and a new standard of cleanliness for your business with LazrTek automatic wash systems. Without workers in the wash bay, our automatic, mobile motorized wash systems can clean heavy-duty trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, buses, and RVs. Employee exposure to health and safety hazards is minimized.

Mobile Truck Wash & Fleet Wash | LAZRTEK

LazrTek Mobile Wash Features

An excellent mobile fleet wash system, the LazrTek Mobile Wash unit machine produces a thorough cleaning for a variety of commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans, buses, and RVs. This vehicle wash system’s unique design incorporates a single sizable brush mounted on a machine that can be pulled or driven around large vehicles and is powered by either a gasoline engine, diesel engine, or 24-volt batteries to expedite cleaning procedures and lower labor costs.

The LazrTek Mobile Wash unit machine is loaded with excellent features:

  • Tank for diesel or gasoline fuel (for outdoor use)
  • a 24-volt battery (for indoor/outdoor use)
  • engine exhaust silencer
  • Self propel motor
  • pneumatic steering adjustments that operate smoothly
  • stability with hydraulics for varying speeds
  • Twin axles improve stability
  • automatic dispenser for detergent and water
  • 132-gallon water tank with a continuous flow of up to 60 minutes (3) Positions for operating: Walk-behind
  • tilting brush for cleaning rounded surfaces
  • The washing height is 162 inches

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