Truck Washing is a Growing Business, Especially at LAZRTEK

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Truck Washing is a Growing Business. Washing Trucks at customer’s property eliminates the need to set up wash bays or run them through facilities while on the road. 

Cleanliness yields a positive image for truck operators, and regular vehicle washing protects against the ravages of corrosion. Those are among the reasons truck washing in the United States has become a $12 billion + industry.

That’s a number cited by LazerTek, a relative newcomer to the mobile washing business but one that’s growing fast – 40% yearly on average since its start, and 50% since this time last year.

The company says it currently services more than 1,000 businesses in several states, with the rising independently owned licensed operations and 6 corporate operations. It has no stationary wash facilities, unless you figure that its service trucks must stop for licensed operators to begin working on customers’ trucks. 

Truck Washing is a Growing Business

Truck Washing is a Growing Business.

Among services offered by LAZRTEK is lazr-guided on site interior equipment designed for washing out the interior of reefer trailers to meet strict food-safety regulations and cleanliness standards. 

“We save our customers a lot of money over having full time employees to do it in-house or taking it to a wash bay,” says the company’s co-founder and CEO, Bo Lockard. LAZRTEK‘s state of the art mobile automated hand wash units go to customer sites, eliminating the need to take vehicles elsewhere or run them through facilities while on the road and wasting valuable and costly time.

The LAZRTEK founders got into the trucking industry in 2000, the result of being in the travel center business. Over time, LAZRTEK realized that governmental regulations and EPA standards were dictating that Trucks had to clean to operate. Further professional image became more demanded by customers from trucking companies. Owner operator and small business fleets see their trucks as mobile advertising platforms and they want a sparkling clean image.

Further, as Truck Leasing grew in popularity, regular equipment maintenance is a necessity for lease compliance. Demand for Truck washing has increased at about 10-15% per year since 2000 and more and more trucks are on the roads as ecommerce internet sales have exploded. Freight increased dramatically due to Covid-19 and now buying via the internet is directly impacting a positive rise in the number of trucks operating long haul and last mile.

“Our services are customized a la carte, and we do exterior and interior, engine cleaning, wash out the interior of reefers, a list of services.” “We have good, better and best lists of service, from basic Lazrwash $50 to full Lazrdetail $195, and the $195 includes interior detailing. The average service is a maintenance wash, the same vehicle every week or two in the same place, a recurring service.”

Custom pricing is based on a computer algorithm proprietary to LAZRTEK. It factors in distance traveled, vehicle types, volume of work, and other matters. That program is among the backing that franchisees get; the full-time staff in Florida includes five sales people who set up 40 to 70 prospective customers before a franchise begins work in a new location. Most work is done from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

With LAZRTEK automated equipment, 1 person can easily wash eight units per hour. Licensee’s work out of a regular ½ ton work  truck with all the equipment needed to support the work on a specially designed trailer. That includes tanks, pump, pressure wands, brushes, and water recovery apparatus. It takes about 2 gallons of water and cleansing chemicals to wash a tractor-trailer. Soiled water cannot be allowed to run off a site, so is contained and processed.  

“If the washing is on a paved surface, we put up a berm, a proprietary rubber-hose material that’s weighted to create a light seal around the truck being washed, and capture the water. If it’s on a pervious surface, like gravel, we put down a mat made of a tarp-like rubber-plastic material.

“Then we reclaim that water. It’s vacuumed up, run through filters and into a holding tank to be discharged into sanitary sewers later.”

“We supply the trailer and automated wash equipment necessary to operate the business” as part of the initial franchise startup fees, typically $ 71,750.00 to $231,750.00.  Startup costs can easily be recouped in the 1st 12 months of operating. The LAZRTEK proprietary  business model  is scalable; a LAZRTEK USA operator usually starts with one truck and trailer, then adds trucks and trailers as business grows and expands. LAZRTEK provides their licensees with a proven business model, sales and marketing training, proprietary sales lead generation software and sales management software that increases sales efficiency and effectiveness by an average of 30%.

“We’re really trying to grow… We have __ locations now and will have 50 by year-end 2021. We’ve always worked really hard and surrounded myself with good people. We’re really aggressive, and we take very little money out of the business and instead invest it back in. I take a very modest salary… Competitors aren’t as aggressive.

“We’re careful with picking the right people as Licensees.” “It’s work ethic and attitude. Everyone is pro-growth and looking to grow their enterprise and their personal wealth. I say, ‘You don’t have to start as a millionaire to become a millionaire.”

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