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Touchless bus wash equipment, also known as touch-free bus wash cleaning systems, are specialized cleaning systems designed to wash buses and other large vehicles without the need for physical contact.

These systems use high-pressure water, biodegradable eco-friendly pre-soak chemicals and detergents with surfactants and foaming agents, as well as other cleaning agents to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from the bus’s exterior.

Touchless bus wash equipment offers several advantages, including reduced potential for vehicle damage, effective cleaning, and quick operation. Never worry about mirrors, safety signs, bike racks or light covers when operating a touchless bus wash.

Touchless Bus Wash Equipment

Here are the key features and components commonly found in touchless bus wash equipment:

High-Pressure Water Jets

Touchless systems rely primarily on high-pressure water jets to dislodge and remove dirt and debris from the bus’s surface.

These water jets are strategically positioned around the wash bay to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Detergent and Chemical Application

Touchless bus wash systems may also incorporate the use of specialized detergents and cleaning agents to enhance the cleaning process.

These chemicals help break down and remove stubborn stains, road grime, and contaminants by reducing surface tension of the adhered dirt.

Rinse System

The rinse system is one of the essential cores of touchless bus wash equipment. After the initial cleaning and detergent application, the system provides a thorough rinse to remove detergent residues and leave the bus with a clean, streak-free finish.

Some systems use softened or purified water for this purpose to prevent water streaks & spots..

Control System

An automated computerized control panel allows operators to start and stop the wash cycle, select the desired wash program, and monitor the progress.

Programmable options may be available for customized wash cycles based on the level of cleaning required.

Safety Features

Safety sensors and detectors help prevent collisions or damage by detecting obstacles or irregularities on the bus’s surface.

These features ensure safe operation and minimize the risk of vehicle damage.

Energy and Water Consumption Efficiency

Most touchless bus wash systems are designed to be energy-efficient, which can reduce operational costs over time. They also utilize low-volume pumps to reduce water consumption.

Drive-through or Drive-in Systems

Buses typically drive through or into the wash bay, where the automated touchless bus wash equipment performs the cleaning process.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Most touchless wash systems offer remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting.

Touchless bus wash equipment is favored by bus operators in situations where there is concern about potential damage to the vehicle’s exterior from physical contact or where a quick and effective cleaning process is needed.

These systems are particularly useful for cleaning large fleets of buses efficiently and timely while minimizing the risk of scratches or damage to the bus’s paint and surfaces.

How Much Water Needed?

touchless bus wash equipment

Water consumption with the various wash options varies. Touchless bus wash systems with low volume high pressure pumps are more efficient in water consumption than other systems. The mobile wash unit is most efficient. What happens to the unclean water that collects after so many buses are washed? Water can be filtered before it drains to sewers, and LazrTek offers water recycling systems.

LazrTek Water Treatment Systems recycle water for reuse by electrifying drain water from the wash cycle, which separates water from impurities and renders contaminants non-hazardous. Water from the wash and rinse cycles is recycled to the holding tank. This treatment system recycles 95% of the water, and a 24-hour monitoring system allows LazrTek’s specialists to phone into the treatment system and resolve difficulties at no additional cost.

Lazrtek also offers a water filtration system. The system removes all heavy metals, oils, carbons, and other dangerous impurities from water, allowing it to pass uncontaminated to the sewage. Despite the fact that many organizations recycle water for the washing process, LazrTek estimates that 20% of the water ends up in the sewer.

LazrTek also has an above-ground water clarifier that removes impurities from water before it enters the sewer system. For new facilities, an above-ground system eliminates the need for a more labor-intensive and costly underground system.

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