Top Truck Wash Trends Through 2025

Top Truck Wash Trends Through 2025 | LazrTek

We look at some of the most important advancing truck wash trends for 2022 to see how businesses around the world are dealing with current difficulties.

Over the last semi-centennial, truck cleaning & imaging techniques and patterns have advanced significantly. It is not just simply washing anymore.

Truck Wash Trends Since The ’70s

In the past, it took weeks for companies to wash their fleets, if they washed them at all. Washing was done by hand with power washers. The method has now been greatly enhanced in terms of both effectiveness and time consumed, thanks to the technologically advanced chemicals and improved technology in truck washing equipment.

Due to increased demand and the necessity for greater utility, trucks are out on the road for much longer than they have ever been before, exposing them to more dirt, snow, salt, and other toxins. In addition, with increased road duration, the importance of a speedy turnaround, especially given the tight labor market.

Let’s look at the top truck wash trends from 2022 and onward to 2025.

1. Fleet Washing Systems are Automated & Touchless

People are resorting to automated truck wash systems in search of a faster fleet wash turnaround. This is due to the fact that automated truck wash systems can clean a truck nine times faster than manual washing. The option to have the cleaning “work” handled by the machinery and soap rather than an additional staff has advantages that go beyond paying an hourly wage.

The ability to forecast how many resources you’ll use per wash is a significant advantage.

Cleaning an entire fleet may be estimated in terms of water, time, and labor, making scheduling considerably easier and reducing vehicle downtime, thereby increasing available utility. When you’re in charge of a huge fleet, this is a game changer. When opposed to handwashing in a manual wash bay, the potential to have a driver go through an automated touchless wash system in only a few minutes is revolutionary.

2. Keeping Operation Costs Under Control

Both private fleet owners and mobile washers are doing everything they can to keep their rising operating expenses under control. As a result, we’ve found that more businesses are opting for bulk purchases. This might be accomplished by purchasing things that are more concentrated or by purchasing a larger number of items at once.

Ordering multiple pallets of truck washing soap helps cut your shipping costs per gallon while also ensuring that any supply chain concerns are minimized. Further, for larger customers, LazrTek installs small bulk mixing plants onsite for its customers to allow concentrated deliveries of dry chemical agents that are blended on-site into liquid automatically, greatly reducing shipping costs.

3. Fleet Washing Touchless

With labor becoming increasingly challenging, minimum wage increasing dramatically and personnel insurance costs skyrocketing, labor savings is a significant operational factor. One of the top truck wash trends is the increased popularity of touchless truck wash.

Scraping the surface of trucks during the clean using brushes was the norm. Now, utilizing a biodegradable acidic pre-soak to reduce dirt adhesion surface tension combined with an alkaline detergent in a 2-step truck wash process, is the most effective cleaning approach for removing road film.

In addition to greater utilization of the 2-Step washing procedure, some in the business are switching to a 1-Step touchless technique during off weeks when the trucks aren’t as dirty or when  faster turnaround time is demanded.

4. Productivity Enhancement

Because of the personnel shortage, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that the washing process is as efficient as possible. This equates to the use of multiple pressure washers, remote systems, or 2-Step Guns has increased in order to get the vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Due to increased labor market turnover, there has also been an increase in the desire to streamline the process.

The need of having a specific soap for each occasion has been reduced; instead, the goal is to ensure that the chemicals you wash with may be used in practically every situation.

5. Truck Washing That Isn’t Harmful to the Environment

The Clean Water Act is starting to gather traction, and more local governments are stepping up their efforts to comply. According to the statute, enterprises must consider not only their clients’ needs, but also the requirements of the local government, which may include a specific drainage system, a mechanism to absorb runoff, or washing on a different type of lot.

Because there is typically a lot of grease, oil, and other dangerous substances that runoff into storm drains and then into the environment, this is the case. It’s not just dirt and grime, either. Many truck wash solutions contain powerful acids and potentially dangerous preservatives.

That’s why, when used in a 2-Step wash procedure, LazrTek chemicals are rapidly biodegradable, free of phosphate salts, and produce near-neutral waste water discharge.

Also, water consumption conservation is now very important. Most all touchless automated systems consume less water due to utilization of low volume high pressure pumps realizing excellent wash performance while 2/3rds less water. This water conservation is alone reason enough to consider touchless automated fleet washing systems.

Will These Truck Imaging & Truck Wash Trends Last?

Between 2021 and 2025, the worldwide car and truck wash industry is expected to expand by $5.82 billion. The Trucking Industry is expanding rapidly due to the ecommerce and delivery explosion. As more businesses expand into previously unexplored markets, they will continue to look for ways to enhance their imaging through cleanliness and on vehicle advertising. Further, governments continue to implement rules and regulations requiring clean operating equipment.

That’s why we think these truck wash trends will continue for a long time, especially as more people learn about the benefits of automated systems and more efficient truck washing chemicals.

However, fleet washing is about more than just fantastic products; you also need to discover the perfect solution for your company. That depends on a variety of things, including your location, the weather, and the types of vehicles you want cleaned.

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