The Great Future of Truck Washing

The Future of Truck Washing | LazrTek

Truck washing, imaging techniques, and truck travel patterns have changed significantly. It is not just simply washing anymore. In fact, Truck Wash deserts now exist and governments and municipalities are getting involved in demanding clean delivery equipment on their roads and at their ports.

Truck Wash Industry Changes

Advanced technology, advanced chemical and detergent formulas as well as improved technology in truck washing equipment and automatic configurations and computerized 3-D profiling of vehicles has greatly improved the ability to clean dirty trucks without friction (ie brushes or wands).

Due to increased truck demand and the necessity for greater utility due to increased fuel cost, increased driver and insurance cost, trucks are often on the road for longer duration, exposing them to more road toxic road elements. In addition, the importance of a speedy turnarounds has increased dramatically due to ever growing ecommerce logistic demands.

1. Fleets and Owner-Operators Now Demand Speed, Price and Convenience Only Offered by Automated & Touchless Wash Systems

Fleet operators and independent owner-operators, alike, are demanding automated truck wash systems in search of a faster fleet wash turnaround and faster wash cycles and less time spent in the wash cycle including pre-ordering of services and pre-payment via their smart phones. This is due to the fact that automated truck wash systems can clean a truck in 6 minutes or over nine times faster than manual washing. Cleaning “work” delivered by the automated machinery, state of the art chemicals and detergents, rather than additional staff members working by hand has advantages that go far beyond hourly wage cost.

With computerized monitoring, on-site raw material blending of chemicals and detergents, and real-time views of wash resource usage, the ability to forecast how many resources you’ll use per wash and resulting cost per wash is a significant operational advantage that makes commercial and fleet washes both more efficient and easier to manage to ensure profitability.

Now, with modern technology monitoring systems we can wash an entire fleet while knowing exactly how much water, chemicals, detergents, time, and labor, are expended making scheduling considerably easier and reducing vehicle downtime, thereby increasing available utility for the customer/driver. When you’re in charge of a huge fleet, this is a game changer. When opposed to handwashing in a manual wash bay, the potential to have a driver go through an automated touchless wash system in only a few minutes is revolutionary.

2. Operational Efficiency

Truck washers, whether mobile or fixed, fleet or independent owner/operator, are making every effort to control costs, improve utility and wash more with less while conserving water. With labor shortages and increased shipping costs, LazrTek has developed an efficient on-site raw material storage and batch blending station that is space efficient, ending storage of large totes of liquids on site, and supports decreased deliveries and storage of liquid chemical agents by blending raw materials on-site into liquid automatically, greatly reducing shipping costs which is a major expense in.

Additionally, and possibly more importantly, LazrTek utilizes high-pressure, low volume rinse pumps that reduce water consumption per wash by 2/3rds. Utilizing only 70 gallons per minute of rinse water and limiting rinse cycles to 2 minutes greatly reduces water consumption per wash. Our competitors often use  1500 galllons or more of water in their traditional truck wash systems.

3. Touchless and Touchless Gantry Automated Wash Systems

With available labor scarce, minimum wage increasing and personnel insurance costs skyrocketing, labor savings is a significant operational factor in truck washing. One of the top truck wash trends is the increased popularity of automated touchless truck washes which require only 1 attendant on duty.

Using abrasives and brushes on the surface of trucks during washing was previously the norm. Now, utilizing newly formulated biodegradable acidic pre-soak chemicals to reduce dirt adhesion surface tension combined with an alkaline detergent in a 2-step truck wash process, is the most effective cleaning approach for removing road film and heavy dirt and grime. This touchless, but effective wash step creates a very clean truck without damaging the surface of equipment or disturbing truck accessories such as antennaes, mirrors, etc.

Touchless automatic washes, whether drive through or 3-D profiling Gantry, are overtaking the traditional equipment utilizing brushes and long traveling gantries.

This new equipment reduces wash system down-time significantly and coupled with our newly formulated chemicals and operational App, give drivers speed, good price, and convenience

4. Efficiency

Hand washing is systematically being replaced with automated wash systems which require less labor and technological advancements such as truck wash apps that allow drivers to choose their wash services, make an appointment to wash and pay for their wash remotely via an on-App wallet or via a credit card. This allows a driver to never leave his tractor cab yet communicate real time with the wash business.

There is no perfect wash. However, LazrTek’s new wash equipment, coupled with our new state of the art chemical formulas are so effective at cleaning tucks that labor requirements are reduced down to 1 attendant per wash bay.

Our patented bulk plant raw material bulk blending station not only reduces storage space and shipping costs but allows a real-time exact measurement on chemical and detergent usage ensuring minimal chemical and detergent consumption resulting in a cost efficient yet effective truck wash cycle. Lazertek truck wash systems can produce a clean truck for under $10.00 per wash of a 53’

Tractor trailer.

5. Environmental Responsibility

The Clean Water Act and water conservation is of significant importance to corporation and increasingly more local governments are creating ordinances that support improved water consumption and efficiency. Truck washes now must consider customer needs and the requirements of the local government, which may include a specific drainage system, an oil water separator, water reclamation system and a mechanism to absorb runoff, or even washing on a different type platform.

In washing, there is often a lot of grease, oil, and other dangerous substances that may inadvertently runoff into storm drains and then into the It’s not just dirt and grime any more. Many truck wash solutions contain acids and surfactants that are potentially dangerous by products of truck washing.

That’s why, when used in our 2-Step wash procedure, LazrTek chemicals are rapidly biodegradable, free of phosphate salts, and produce near-neutral waste water discharge. Our chemicals have been tested and environmentally approved by Walmart, FedEx, Kroger, Ashley Furniture, Tennessee ISD,  and a host of other companies and governmental bodies.

As a reminder,  water consumption conservation is now very important. Most all touchless automated systems consume less water due to utilization of low volume high pressure pumps realizing excellent wash performance while 2/3rds less water. This water conservation alone is substantial reason enough to consider touchless automated truck washing systems.

Is Automation and Technological Advancement Here to Stay in Truck Washing ?

The worldwide car and truck wash industry is forecast to expand by $5.82 billion. The Trucking Industry is expanding rapidly due to continued brisk demand by the ecommerce and delivery explosion. As more businesses expand into previously unexplored markets, they will continue to look for ways to enhance their imaging through cleanliness and on-vehicle advertising. Further, governments continue to implement rules and regulations requiring clean operating equipment.

LazrTek believes truck wash automation, technological advancements and time and cost efficiencies will continue for a long time to come. As more truck washers seeking improved profitability and water consumption and truck drivers seeking speed, price and convenience  learn about the benefits of automated systems and more efficient and effective  truck washing chemicals, we believe touchless, automated truck wash systems using smart phone Apps for customer access and payment will explode.

Truck washing is about more than just fantastic products; but also discovering the perfect wash solution for your company dependent on the configuration of vehicles you plan to wash. Variables include your geographic location, weather patterns, and the types of vehicles you plan to clean.

Improve Your Truck Washing Operation

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