Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

Providing Bus Drivers (or Customers) with Low Price & Convenience Bus Wash

LazrTek’s quick bus wash technology reduces expenses by using less water, soap & chemicals. LazrTek Bus Wash Systems provide consistent drive-through capabilities and the perfect combination of touchless and friction cleaning for today’s bus washing needs.

An Advanced Bus Wash Technology To Clean Your Bus Fleet

Clean Your Entire Fleet of Buses and Transit Vehicles with LazrTek Modern Bus Wash Technology

LazrTek wash systems offer the versatility you need to clean different vehicle types. LazrTek bus wash systems are the ideal fit for the following private and public transportation vehicles:

Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

At LazrTek, we’re passionate about helping municipalities, school districts and commercial bus companies make a great impression with clean, sharply imaged bus fleets. When your traditional systems fail, are too slow or cost too much, LazrTek’s bus wash systems can get the job done right with speed, low price, convenience and reliability.

Our modern bus wash technology in the wash systems are more reliable, use less water and chemicals and are safer for the environment and your equipment. LazerTek is so confident about the reliability and serviceability of its wash systems we guarantee free parts and labor if you purchase our equipment or we will install the equipment free of charge and charge a per wash fee payable monthly.

Gone are the days when you have to settle for wash systems that damage your buses and provide sub-par cleaning results. If you experience any of the following problems, it’s time to make the switch:

  • Your wash system forces you to stop and start during the cleaning process.
  • Your wash system has caused damage to bike racks or broken mirrors.
  • Your wash system lacks consistent contact with the rear and nose of the vehicle and leads to missed spots.
  • Your wash system can’t keep up with your high-volume wash schedule.
  • Your wash system makes drivers late and disturbs schedules
  • Your wash system is unreliable and is broken down too often
  • Your cost of wash is too high
  • Your wash system uses too water
  • Your wash system uses too much chemical and soap

With LazrTek’s innovative and technically superior bus wash systems, a better bus wash solution is available for you! LazrTek will pay the cost of switching systems.

Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

The Finest and Most Technologically Advanced Bus Wash Systems


Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

The LazrTek TOUCHLESS Drive-Through is the ideal wash equipment for Bus Agencies, School Districts, Municipalities and Commercial Bus Operations. Our efficient drive-through wash system allows operators to drive their bus through the wash bay to complete wash cycles in a matter of minutes. Choose  between a touchless, hybrid wash configuration or touchless computerized 3-D profiling Gantry system to meet the unique demands of your fleet.

Drive-Through Touchless and Brush Friction Wash Systems

Does your bus fleet include odd-shaped vehicles or vehicles with recessed panels?

LazrTek’s drive-through touchless drive through with Brushes are the perfect solution for vehicles with hard-to-reach places like cutaway parabus vans. This touchless system uses touch free cleaning to provide a contactless wash to vehicle areas that can’t be cleaned with brushes. The sides and rears can be brushed with our full-length wrap system.

Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

Drive-Through Hybrid/ Friction Wash Systems

Does your bus fleet include bus buses or other regular-shaped bus vehicles?

LazrTek’s drive-through Hybrid system can combine touchless spray and brushes to provide the best clean with the least potential for vehicle damage or operator error. The touchless spray reaches hard-to-reach places while the horizontal and vertical brushes provide extra scrubbing power.

Benefits of LazrTek Bus Wash Systems

Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

The LazrTek drive-through machines are state-of-the-art wash equipment with numerous benefits:

  • Ideal Bus Wash Solution

When it comes to cleaning bus buses, LazrTek’s bus wash systems are unmatched in the industry.

  • Less Vehicle & Wash System Damage

LazrTek wash systems use smooth movements and steady pressure to significantly reduce damage to both your bus vehicles and the wash system itself.

  • Robust Water Recycling Capabilities

Improve the sustainability of your bus wash processes. Our water recycling system helps you limit water usage and doesn’t rely on chemicals to recycle wash water.

  • Broad Service Coverage

With our nationwide network, our distributors can provide ongoing support and proactive maintenance across the United States.

  • Stopless Cleaning Cycles

Employees don’t have to stop the vehicles when using LazrTek wash systems, resulting in faster wash times, higher productivity, and less damage.

  • Reduced Maintenance

LazrTek bus wash systems require less maintenance than the competition so you can save valuable time and money.

  • Unique Controls

Controls such as pH neutralization, better pressure control, and integration of wash systems into management software set LazrTek bus wash systems apart from the rest. Our Wash app is private labelable for your fleet drivers or customer base which allows computerized equipment monitoring of wash cycles.

Why Choose Lazrtek for Your Bus Vehicle Washing Needs?

At LazrTek, we’re proud to tailor our bus vehicle wash solutions to each customers’ needs and objectives.

When you choose LazrTek for your bus wash system, you can take advantage of one of the broadest offerings in the industry in terms of cleaning options and the best prices. LazrTek washes large vehicles for Walmart, Kroger, Ashley Furniture, Fed Ex and other large corporate fleets in addition to School districts across the U. S.

LazrTek is committed to being your long-term partner. With our unmatched responsiveness and dedication to wash excellence, we will take care of your equipment throughout its entire lifespan. Contact us for a free consultation.

Modern Bus Wash Technology Increases Efficiency & Profit

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