LazrTek Trailer Washout for Box & Reefer Trailers/Trucks

LazrTek Trailer Washout for Box & Reefer Trailers Trucks | LazrTek

Every trailer washout from Lazrtek will receive a thorough washing of all inside walls, floor, and doors with warm, high-pressure, soapy water by exacting 3D profiling laser-guided wash robots.

  • Our water temperature is 90 to 110 degrees and our pressure is 1,000 to 1,500 PSI.
  • Our soap is warranted as safe for the food service industry and is fully biodegradable.
  • From a distance of 6-12 inches our automated, 3D profiling laser-guided interior washout robots use overlapping spray strokes and sections to ensure no areas are missed.

Every interior trailer washout will receive a thorough rinsing of the inside walls, floor, and doors with clean, high-pressure (600 to 900 PSI) rinse water. From a distance of 12-24 inches, our robots use overlapping strokes and sections to ensure no areas are missed.

  • Our wash robots also wash and rinse the ceilings during washouts and we do not charge extra for ceilings.
  • Ceilings with air curtains cannot be cleaned as thoroughly as the rest of the trailer due to their flimsy nature, pooling of water, and obstruction of portions of the ceiling.

We understand and welcome the need for drivers to inspect our work. Prior to the start of the washout, please let us know if you want to inspect it upon completion. We will summon you to inspect it prior to closing the trailer doors. If we forget to remind you or you forgot to let us know, don’t worry, we’ll be glad to reopen the trailer for your inspection.

A person is pressure washing a white truck inside an industrial cleaning bay.

LazrTek Trailer Washout

Unlike many of our competitors, LazrTek offers a high-quality trailer washout and we guarantee sanitization & complete removal of residue from previous loads. Further, our wash robots clean themselves and sanitize themselves automatically after each trailer cleanout preventing cross-contamination.

LazrTek Trailer Washout Certification

LazrTek box truck & reefer trailer washouts for food service operations receive a certificate of cleanliness upon completion that is cataloged in our digital records by equipment # if you ever need proof of cleanliness and/or proper sanitization.

Food Service Washout certificate of compliance Lazrtek

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