Important Truck Wash Tips Through 2025

Important Truck Wash Tips Through 2025 | LazrTek

LazrTek has gathered important truck wash tips for truckers and fleet owners that can be applied through 2025. Let’s look into each truck wash tip one by one.

Retail Commercial Truck Wash Customization Essentials

Our first truck wash tip is that you need to provide the right wash services to your customer in the area.

All LazrTek retail commercial truck wash systems are custom designed to ensure the right wash services are offered to the ideal customer in the market areas of the wash. Lazrtek conducts market studies and prepares a complete feasibility study to ensure maximizing utilization of the chosen real estate and providing the “wash customer” with the best possible experience while adding speed, good price, and convenience.

LazrTek’s custom-designed truck imaging wash centers are not “cookie-cutter” clones designed for our convenience but rather for the optimum experience of the truck wash customer. LazrTek offers a broad array of the newest and very best truck wash equipment, including but not limited to touchless drive-thrus, 3D profiling touchless gantries, hybrid touchless and brush washes, as well as brush gantry units. LazrTek is not “married” to particular equipment and can utilize your favorite equipment or our own manufactured wash equipment, whichever suits you best.

LazrTek manufactures its own proprietary truck wash equipment and also utilizes other manufacturers when it is best for the region and the end-user results. LazrTek is experienced in touchless, gantry, brushes, chemicals, blowers, pressure wands, and all the tools needed to provide a truck driver a memorable and great experience.

What sets LazrTek apart is its ability to help its customers site select, market study, design-build, staff, and operate a successful truck wash business. LazrTek is not just an equipment and truck design company; we are a business development customer that ranks #1 in assisting truck wash operators in making money washing and producing clean trucks for their customers.

Are Good Water and Available Utilities Important in a Retail Commercial Truck Wash?

Absolutely! In this truck wash tip, LazrTek believes for a retail commercial truck wash to operate effectively, proper utilities are needed for the truck wash bay. Good Water, affordable electricity, natural gas, and EPA-compliant water drainage (sewer?) are absolutely necessary elements needed when custom designing a retail commercial truck wash to be competitive in the local wash industry and provide truckers speed, price and convenience.

Proper Land Development Size Required for a Retail Commercial Truck Wash?

Lazrtek recommends 4 acres to ensure proper traffic flow and adequate ingress and egress for entering and exiting 53’ tractor trailers. From our truck wash tips research, we recommend a minimum of 3 acres, but 4-5 acres is preferable.

Recommended Wash Bay Length

Commercial truck washes, especially those washing tractors and trailers, need a considerable wash bay length to provide a thorough clean. There should be room for all washing equipment and enough bay travel length to provide proper soak time between each step of the cleaning process.

At a minimum, the truck wash bay needs to be 90 feet long, though LazrTek often recommends a length of 120 feet if available. LazrTek has considerable experience with many different wash bay sizes, therefore we are able to custom design a new truck wash building design to create the most efficient and best customer experience in a profitable retail commercial drive-thru truck wash business.

Is a Simple Two-Step Wand Wash Bay Sufficient Today?

Truck wash customers increasingly expect retail commercial truck washes to have the latest technologically advanced equipment and wash options providing the ability a great truck cleaning. Of course, it is ultimately your decision how technologically advanced your retail commercial truck wash should be and how many different wash services you choose to offer.

Most retail commercial truck washes provide different wash options and ‘add-ons’ for each individual customer’s wash. Apply this truck wash tip today. The options may include wax, chrome polishing, bug removal, detailing services, in-cab cleaning, undercarriage washing, trailer wash-outs, dryers/blowers, etc.

Is It Profitable To Develop a Retail Commercial Truck Wash Business?

Absolutely, if you develop a retail commercial truck wash today at a good location with proper design and provide the right services with speed, good price, and convenience for the driver. Apply all truck wash tips if you might. Then, a professionally operated, efficient, thorough cleaning truck wash located in a high truck traffic location producing clean trucks and great customer service is a highly profitable business.

To guarantee success, it is critical to choose the right truck wash development partner for your project. LazrTek is a practical, experienced, truck imaging partner who understands the wants and needs of the end-user truck driver. LazrTek focuses on the best and latest technology to drive sales by offering truckers speed, price, and convenience (wash by appointment).

LazrTek is the only truck wash company that has a proprietary truck wash operations app built for the truck driver’s convenience and to improve the speed and convenience of operations by providing the driver his chosen wash services, making a wash appointment, and facilitating payment without the driver leaving his tractor cab.

It’s important to partner with an experienced company like LazrTek and to start with good site selection, proper feasibility study, and an award-winning business model coupled with fast penetrating digital marketing strategies for your retail commercial truck imaging center.

LazrTek retail commercial truck wash systems require the lowest labor costs in the industry. Our wash systems, regardless of type, require only 1 attendant per wash shift.

LazerTek, as part of its feasibility study services, can comfortably predict operating revenues and profitability of a proposed truck wash site.

Why Is Lazrtek the Best Partner Choice for A Retail Commercial Wash Development?

LazrTek is a true truck wash developer with “ground-up” experience in all wash solutions and the aaaa technologies, both wash equipment and digital technologies. Our proven digital marketing systems clearly set LazrTek apart from any competition. We take great pride in the fact that in all of the truck washes we have developed and built over the years, over 95% of our customers/partners  continue to use our equipment and our proprietary washing detergents and chemicals.

LazrTek partners typically rely on our maintenance and service technicians for their routine system maintenance and repairs which we provide nationwide 24/7. LazrTek guarantees 24 hour service turnaround, but most of our service calls are executed remotely via our real-time online computer diagnostics. LazrTek backs its wash equipment with a 2 year all parts and maintenance warranty at zero cost to the customer.

LazrTek provides customized equipment leasing, equipment financing, business model development, equity contribution, site selection consulting, feasibility studies, site design, wash equipment design, operational training, point of sale solution via App, employee training , digital marketing strategies and tactics and profitability analysis. LazrTek will manage and operate your wash on a contract basis if you desire.

lazrTek maintains an stellar track record among its customers which speaks volumes in confirming our experience and abilities as well as our passion to achieve complete customer satisfaction through the quality and innovation of our equipment, the superiority of our chemicals and detergents, and the ongoing technical service and technical support for our customers.

Lazrtek also provides its customers critical business model advice and digital marketing strategies to ensure our partners have the latest in customer awareness, customer retention, and new customer acquisition systems to reach truck wash market dominance. Our retail commercial truck imaging developments begin marketing before they open for business providing customers day 1 of the grand opening week. LazrTek proprietary digital marketing strategies and systems create strong customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention.

We hope you can take something useful from our answers to the truck wash questions in this post. If you still have any questions, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation at (469) 536-8478.

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