which truck wash method is faster? Hand washing or touchless washing

Truck hand washing and touchless washing Lazrtek 

In general, touchless washing is faster compared to hand washing when it comes to cleaning trucks. Touchless washing utilizes automated systems, such as high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning agents, which can efficiently clean the truck’s surface in a relatively short amount of time.

Hand washing, on the other hand, is a manual process that involves physically scrubbing and rinsing the truck’s exterior using various tools. This method typically requires more labor and time, as it relies on the individual’s effort and attention to detail.

The speed of the cleaning process can also depend on factors such as the size and condition of the truck, the thoroughness desired, the number of people involved in hand washing, and the efficiency of the touchless washing equipment. However, as a general rule, touchless washing is known for its quicker turnaround time and is often preferred in situations where speed is a priority, such as busy trucking operations or large fleets that require frequent cleaning.

Truck hand washing and touchless washing

It’s important to assess the specific needs and requirements of your truck washing operation. Hand washing is very important. We us this method of operation to determine the most suitable method. Some businesses may even combine different methods to achieve the best results. Additionally, considering environmental sustainability and water conservation practices is crucial when selecting a truck wash method.

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