20 Great Steps To Start a Commercial Truck Wash in 2022

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Steps to develop a state-of-the-art commercial truck wash are discussed in this article.

Develop A Commercial Truck Wash

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1) Obtain water analysis from a water source. Will the water source be a city, a town; a county; or a local aquifer via water well? Establish water quality & price per gallon.

2) Establish water treatment requirements to obtain optimum PH for vehicle washing

3) Confirm State and local water reclamation/treatment requirements (oil water separator) to meet or exceed Fed EPA discharge requirements & local ordinances.

Develop environmental quality plan utilizing federal, state & local regulations including: Illegal dump prevention, reduced-pressure-principle backflow-prevention system, catch basins for sediment and trash filtering, local plumbing ordinance compliance, and obtain water discharge permits.

4) Obtain soil borings on chosen site to establish soil compaction analysis for necessary substrate sub-grade treatment (typically soil cement, crushed rock sub-base & concrete thickness 8-12” with re-bar)

5) Obtain truck & RV traffic counts & prepare truck wash feasibility study. Prepare traffic volume impact study for local zoning authorities, if zoning required.

6) Develop wash site plan & design based on results of feasibility (number of bays, site traffic flow design for truck stacking) obtain soil preparation & concrete pricing

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LAZRTEK Touchless Drive Thru Truck Wash System

7) Select wash equipment type or types (if multiple bays can have different wash styles for each bay) & associated equipment. Automated vs. hand wash. Gantry vs. touchless vs. hybrid.

8) Architectural plans for building & integrated into site plan

9) Obtain construction bids & pricing

10) Prepare Business plan/ Business model w/ Pro-forma financials & proposed capital structure

11) Obtain local zoning, if required

12) Develop digital marketing strategy

13) Complete digital go-to-market plan

14) Prepare & submit commercial loan applications to multiple funding sources. Prepare sources & uses with working capital analysis

15) Construction of facility

16) Design operational plan with working capital analysis & retail technologies plan (select retail transaction systems or LazrTek App)

17) Hire & train employees

18) Design & execute the grand opening

19) Operate commercial truck wash to sustainability & profitability, providing customers speed, reasonable price, and convenience.

20) Create ROI exceeding 20% annually

Starts Your Commercial Truck Wash With LazrTek

The above steps to start a commercial truck wash are general & not exhaustive. Pricing of the project depends significantly upon timing and current material cost as equipment & material supply prices are rising weekly. LazrTek is capable of executing all the above steps as your contracted consultant, with you as a sole owner, or with your business partners, if you so desire.

LazrTek is also capable of contributing services & equipment as equity in the project on a formula of retail cost as the numerator over total project cost, including land fair market cost as the denominator. LazrTek can contract to operate the facility on a negotiated management contract if you prefer not to operate it yourself.

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