Dive into the New Different Car Wash Business Models: From Self-Serve Model to Full-Service Model 2023

Dive into the New Different Car Wash Business Models | LazrTek

What are the basic carwash business models

There are several basic car wash business models, including:

1. Self-serve car wash:

In this model, customers use a self-serve car wash facility and pay for the amount of time they use the equipment, such as a pressure washer, foam brush, or vacuum cleaner.

2. Automatic car wash:

This model typically involves customers driving their cars through an automated system that includes brushes, sprays, and other cleaning equipment. Payment is usually made through a coin or card-operated machine.

3. Full-service car wash:

This model involves customers dropping off their cars at a facility where staff members wash, dry, and detail the vehicle. Payment is typically made at the end of the service, and additional services like detailing or waxing may be offered.

Car Wash Business Models: From Self-Serve to Full-Service | Lazrtek

4. Mobile car wash:

In this model, a business owner or team of employees will travel to the customer’s location to wash and detail their vehicle. Payment is usually made on-site, and services may be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer.

5. Waterless car wash:

This model involves using specialized cleaning products that do not require water to clean the vehicle. This approach can be used in a mobile or stationary setting and may be preferred in areas where water usage is restricted or conservation is emphasized.

Overall, each car wash business model has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one depends on factors such as location, customer demand, and business goals.

The 5 Basic Car Wash Operating Models

1) Self-Serve

2) In-bay Automatic

3) Exterior Conveyor Traditional-Express-Mini

4) Full Service Conveyor Full Service-variation: Flex conveyor

5) Traditional-Express

  • Exterior conveyor Express
  • Automatic pay stations
  • Lower base price
  • No manual duties performed
  • No prepping-hand drying
  • Customer remains in car
  • Many free vacuums
  • Emphasis on speed-5 mins or less
Automatic Touchless Car Wash | Lazrtek 6
Modern Brush Car Wash Blue Color Graded Concept.

6) Exterior Conveyor Mini

  • Automatic pay stations
  • Lower base price $3-$10
  • No manual work performed-no prepping-no hand drying-
  • Customer remains in car
  • Limited free vacuums
  • Emphasis on 5 mins or less
  • 50 ft long tunnel (small bay) or less

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