Automatic Wash for Commercial Truck, Bus, and RV

Automatic Wash for Commercial Truck, Bus, and RV | LazrTek

Commercial Automatic Wash is a Largely Unexploited Market

In the past, automatic washing for trucks was not able to meet the standard of quality needed for a near-hand wash in order to be practical in a commercial automatic wash business setting. Owner-operators and other paying customers expected better quality for their investment in their over-the-road vehicles. In-house fleet washing was arguably the only application for automation, and “good enough” 70-mile-per-hour wash quality was okay.

But several important things have changed!

  • $2.41 per mile for vans. The highest rates are in the Midwest and the lowest in the Northeast.
  • $2.74 per mile for reefers. The highest rates are in the Midwest and the lowest in the Southeast. 
  • $2.76 per mile for flatbeds. The highest rates are in the Midwest and the lowest in the West.

According to the latest data from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the average cost of trucking in 2021 was $1.855 per mile. 

According to the ASTI report, LTL carriers generated the most revenue of all modes: an average of $402,239 per truck per year. That could be because LTL shipments include goods from multiple shippers and require more stops and handling. Truck drivers who are willing to put in the extra work are rewarded with higher rates. 

Automatic Wash Math

Considering the above information, it is now simply too expensive for a commercial vehicle, 18-wheel tractor-trailer, or transit bus to spend several hours getting cleaned. Now, more than ever, time is money in the trucking and commercial hauling business. An average hand wash today takes 2.5 hours to complete when adding the 45 min. to 1 hr. wash time to the waiting time of 30 mins. to 1 hour.

In calculating the total wash cost of a current day hand wash in 2023, the calculation must include wash cost of approximately $85.00 plus driver cost per hour, insurance cost, lost mileage value (2.5 hrs. lost x 70 miles per hour=175 miles lost utility x $2.74/mile = $175.00. The actual cost of a wash is well over $260.00.

Considering the above calculations, a truck or bus driver or a fleet operator is seeking the following wash needs in 2023:

  • Speed
  • Price
  • Convenience

A modern automatic wash system in 2023 must deliver speed, price, and convenience. LazrTek has developed new, state-of-the-art chemical mixtures that reduce the surface tension of adhered dirt and grime to facilitate improved automatic wash quality. By treating initial water and utilizing RO water for rinsing, we really clean trucks and commercial vehicles without brushes.

However, if you feel friction is absolutely necessary, we can add a fixed brush arch to a touchless automatic wash unit to provide friction against surface dirt.

Automated Truck Washer FAQs | Lazrtek

LazrTek Provides Speed, Affordable Price & Convenience

LazrTek uses cutting-edge technology in our new revolutionary cleaning methods. Our computerized 3-D profiling gantry-style touchless automatic wash system can adapt to a broad range of truck shapes and mud levels/types using advanced touchless automation. It produces reliable, high-quality clean vehicle outcomes.

Our systems significantly reduce water consumption, lowering related costs and environmental impact. We also have cutting-edge solids management and water recycling system.

LazrTek Benefits

  • Each customer’s requirements can be met with flexible automation, from quick undercarriage-only washes to thorough, “leave no dirt behind” super clean washes.
  • You can wash any kind of car, including pickup trucks, super-B tankers, and petroleum service rigs.
  • Our touchless Gantry computerized 3-D profiling wash system can handle any size vehicle and maintain constant wash quality, whether clients have a light dusting of road film or 100 lbs of mud from off-road service during the spring thaw.

The LazrTek computerized 3-D profiling touchless Gantry wash system employs minimal labor, requiring only 1 attendant on duty during washing.

LazrTek thoroughly investigates and examines each wash project’s viability and feasibility so you can start your commercial wash business with confidence that it will be profitable. Our award-winning proprietary digital marketing strategies ensure you will open on day 1 with plenty of customers. Our Truck wash App is revolutionary in the truck wash industry and an industry leader in new payment procedures.

If you are interested in LazrTek assisting you in site selection, viability study, feasibility study, marketing, operations or profitability, contact us or call us at (469) 536-8478 for a free consultation.

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